Los Angeles

Leander Stillwell

“CHARISMATIC as the commanding officer...clearly emerges from the masses.”
Critic’s Choice - Los Angeles Times
“POWERFUL as the ramrod officer...”
Critic’s Choice - Drama-Logue
“...engrossing and poignant...Don Tieri stands out particularly.”
Critic’s Pick - Back Stage West
"...fine CHARMER TURNED MANIAC commander...”
Recommended - LA Weekly
“performances truly first rate...true ensemble work at its best ...and a TERRIFIC Don Tieri”
West Hollywood Weekl
“Don Tieri is sadly accurate as the hard boiled Perry, war lover, rapist...mercilessly pushes his men into battle...”
New Times
“Don Tieri as the commanding officer leads a virtually flawless ensemble.”
“…Don Tieri as the Lieutenant…is quite an accomplished actor…”
Backstage West

Mother, Love and Jasper

“Don Tieri is a meddling but lovable Father Lyons..."
LA Weekly Widows



Chagrin Falls

“…strong performance by Don Tieri.”
Chicago Reader
“Don Tieri masterfully unpeels the ambivalent and damaged layers of Riley, whose final scene…carries the play in a blazingly cathartic direction.”
“…fine work by Don Tieri”
Chicago Sun Times
“…not a weak link in the ensemble…particularly striking is Tieri as the ex-soldier struggling to find inner peace.
Gay-Chicago Magazine

Leander Stillwel

l“Don Tieri is wonderfully self-assured and coolly cruel as the commanding officer.”
Chicago Sun Times
“Don Tieri proves a complicated mix of good and evil as the superior officer.”
Chicago Tribune

Julius Caesar

“Don Tieri gives the plotting Cassius a quietly psychotic quality.”
Chicago Sun Times

Dapples and Grays

“...Don Tieri is excellent and very convincing in the role...”
Chicago Reader
“...intelligent and passionate acting...Don Tieri takes a sophisticated approach to the character...”
Chicago Reader
“Don Tieri expertly conjures the pain of a scorched body and the desperation of a young man...”
Chicago Sun Times

A View from the Bridge

“...Don Tieri, who has the steely fire of an avenging angel...”
Chicago Reader

The White Rose

“...Wermacht soldier and student...well played by Don Tieri...”
CNS Wire